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Election Law for Homeowners Associations (Inspired by a True Story)

My wife and I pride ourselves on being politically aware and active.  Each election cycle we display a handful of lawn signs for our favorite candidates in our front yard.  In the past we’ve displayed signs for our preferred candidates

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Homeowners Association Basics: Minnesota Home Talk Legal Minute

  This Minnesota Home Talk Legal Minute touches on a topic near and dear to my heart; namely, homeowner associations.  You can hear my Legal Minute segments during the show every Saturday on 1500 ESPN at 7 a.m. and On

The Social Media Lawyer: What is the Board’s Role in the Association’s Facebook Page?

In the Winter 2012 issue of CIC Midwest News, I discuss the issues when an association-maintained community establishes a Facebook group or page through as a communications device.  I created such a group for my neighborhood and it’s become a

Real Estate News – January 26, 2012

Foreclosures are getting faster at JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo. The two big banks trimmed their foreclosure timelines by as much as 100 days in the third quarter of 2011, helping to work through major backlogs of foreclosed loans, according

A Diamond in the Rough in Wright County: The True Story of How Towne Lakes Has Survived the Housing Crisis

Three summers ago, the StarTribune ran a special series on the effect of the housing downturn in Wright County, Minnesota.  Entitled “From Boom to Bust”, the series of articles focused primarily on the Martin Farms neighborhood in Otsego, Minnesota.  The

Homeowners Associations and Property Rights

Last week, the Minnesota Legislature dealt with a bill that would restrict homeowners associations’ ability to restrict the appearance of homes within the association and would eliminate associations’ ability to enforce rules and regulations through fines.  Although the Senate version

Homeowners Associations Gone Wild

Almost weekly I email the fellow members of my homeowners association board with some insane story about another association run amok under the heading “see we’re not that bad”.  Here are some of the gems that I’ve uncovered recently: 1. HOA

My Life in a Homeowners Association: Collected Resources

Last week I was unanimously re-elected to serve another three-year term on my neighborhood homeowners association’s board of directors. As the late Jerry Garcia sang, “what a long strange trip it’s been.”  I was elected to my association’s very first resident-controlled

Homeowners Associations in Perspective

Earlier this year, former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson made the news over a flap in his Florida condominium association.  Apparently, Governor Carlson ran for the Emerald Pointe Condominium Association’s Board of Directors in a rather contentious manner.  Things apparently became so nasty

Tips and Traps for Dealing with Rentals in Common Interest Communities

One of the most common issues which common interest community  (“CIC”) managers, boards and residents have to deal with these days is what to do – or not do – about units which are leased by the owners.  CIC rentals can