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Is the Twin Cities Housing Market as Bad as the Case-Schiller Statistics Say It Is?

In last Thursday’s Real Estate News post, I included a link to a story from the StarTribune.  The Strib, citing the most recent Case-Schiller Report, claimed that the Minneapolis housing market suffered the worst decline in value than any other

What Happens When a Tornado Rolls Through a Neighborhood in Foreclosure?

On May 22, 2011, scores of homes in North Minneapolis were obliterated by a devastating tornado.  News footage showed a path of destruction that looked like a war zone with large trees felled, houses without roofs, broken windows and crushed

What Caused the Housing Boom and Bust? A Timeline of Events

With the end of the latest version of the homebuyer tax credits and the rise in interest rates (stemming from the Federal Reserve’s cessation of purchasing mortgaged-backed securities), many in the real estate industry are in wait-and-see mode when it