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What’s On Tap from the World of Brewery Law

There is never a dull moment in the brewing industry, and this past week was no exception.  Here are just a few recent stories and my take on them: Family-Owned State Beer Distributor Suing Summit Brewing:  A family-owned and operated

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Brewing Up Disputes: Beer Names and Trademarks

As the number of breweries grows in the United States, trademark issues have become an increasingly hot area of the law.  A recent article discussed some of the issues involved with the proliferation of beer names and the problems encountered when

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Trademarks: The Business Forum Show, November 7, 2013

Trademarks are an important legal tool for businesses seeking to protect and expand a brand of products or services.  Preventing one’s competition in perpetuity from marketing a competing product or service under a similar name can be crucial to establishing

“Kaepernicking”™: The Importance for Athletes to Protect Their Brand

Colin Kaepernick has taken the sporting world by storm.  Since his installation as the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback earlier this season, Kaepernick has received much praise for transforming the NFL with his “read-option” style of offense.  Off the field,

Startup Steps #7: Registering Trademarks

One of the most often overlooked legal issues for startup businesses relates to intellectual property protection, more specifically, trademarks.  Not only can a registered trademark offer protection for your business’ brand identity, but it provides a new venture with a

Oh Dear Lord: George Harrison and “Subconscious” Copyright Infringement

    This past week I watched the new Martin Scorsese directed documentary on the late George Harrison, the former Beatle.  Entitled “George Harrison:  Living in a Material World”, the film followed Harrison through his youth all the way through

The Importance of Intellectual Property for Business Owners

On today’s edition of “The Advisors”, my partner, Greg Perleberg, and I discussed why business owners need to think early on in their business planning process about what intellectual property issues will or could affect their business.  Our discussion included

Whatever Happened to Mayor McCheese?

I’ve told many people that one of the cool things about my law firm is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  In fact, some days it’s downright fun to hang out with us. Case in point:  for the past

Unicorns and Zebras: Trademark Enforcement in the Age of Social Media

Saturday morning I turned on my phone and began my day the way I do almost every day:  I checked my Twitter feed (yes, I’m one of those people).  Being a real estate attorney who follows a lot of real

Social Media and the Law

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to address a MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce gathering of new and potential business owners.   The topic?  “How to Market Your Business Via Social Media – Legally.”  As an attorney whose main areas of practice are