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To Link or Not to Link, That is the Question: A Primer on LinkedIn Etiquette: Social Media Lawyer, Spring 2014

      My latest CIC Midwest News Social Media Lawyer column tells the tale of Kelly Blazek, Cleveland’s “2013 Communicator of the Year”, who, shall I say, reacted a bit uncharacteristically to a LinkedIn connection request from Diana Makota.  The

Writing a Privacy Policy for Your Homeowners Association, CIC Midwest News “Social Media Lawyer”, Winter 2014

Homeowners associations collect a lot of personal information on its members, which is why it is critical for associations to have in place a written privacy policy which specifies what the HOA does with the information it collections.  My latest

Social Media Policies for Management Companies and Associations, CIC Midwest News “Social Media Lawyer”, Fall 2013

It’s not hard to find a social media horror story these days.  Employees have been terminated for inappropriate pictures on their Facebook pages, while some businesses have had to deal with public relations nightmares when employees forgot which Twitter account

Tips on How to Avoid Social Media Hacking: Social Media Lawyer Spring 2013

Have you ever received this direct message via Twitter: “OMG did you see the photos someone posted of you”  How about someone tagging you in post promising a free iPad or airline tickets?  Or have you seen a friend on

Upcoming Events & Presentations

I have updated the Events page of my website with upcoming presentations and other events through May 14, 2013.  I hope to see some of you there!  

Reflecting on One Year With Lommen Abdo

Today marks my one-year anniversary with Lommen Abdo.  Calling it a successful move would be an understatement; “game changer” is more like it.  The firm has been outstanding from a business development perspective, to say nothing of the outstanding mentoring

The Power of Social Media as a Networking Tool…aka How My Hero Became My Client

This week marked the return of my Social Media Lawyer column to CIC Midwest News.  With my firm switch to Lommen Abdo happening about the time that articles were being submitted for the Spring 2012 issue, I was sidelined until

The Social Media Lawyer: Social Media and Other Sites that Can Save You Time and Money

In my latest “Social Media Lawyer” column, I discuss how contrary to what many believe, use of social media and other technology sites can actually save you time and money.  You can read the article here. To read prior editions

What Bernard Berrian’s Twitter Exploits Can Teach Us About the Importance of Social Media Policies

I’ve written several articles and given presentations about legal issues involved with social media in the past few years, and I always stress the importance of companies having a social media policy for its employees. The reasons for doing so are

Post #250: The Best of The Business Man’s Lawyer…So Far

  To commemorate my 250th blog post here on The Business Man’s Lawyer, I’ve decided to take a look back and repost the “best of the best so far”; here are the top 10 posts from May 2009 through July