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Jeffrey O’Brien is the voice of the Legal Minute ® on Minnesota Home Talk, heard live on 1500 ESPN every Saturday at 7 am and on demand.

Minnesota Home Talk is your resource to the Twin Cities real estate market and will cover a variety of related topics that will prove educational, informative, and entertaining.

Jason Walgrave with The Minnesota Real Estate Team and RE/MAX Advantage Plus will provide the “insiders” perspective on topics that are headlining the news, and relevant to our listeners. Jason and his Team have developed an extensive network of industry specialists that will join the show to address specific topics each week.

Click below to listen to past editions of the Legal Minute ®.

Using Limited Liability Companies to Own Investment Real Estate

Quiet Title Actions and Proceedings Subsequent

Mechanics Liens

Life Estates

Transfer on Death Deed

The Law of Purchase Agreements: Offer and Acceptance

The Law of Purchase Agreements: Seller’s Remedies for Buyer’s Breach

Homeowners Association Basics

Littoral Rights and Riparian Rights

Basics of Residential Leases

Real Estate and Probate

What is an Easement?

Differentiating an Easement with a Lease or a License

Easement Appurtenant vs. Easement in Gross

How Easements Are Created

Does a Purchase Agreement Have to Be Cancelled?

Fraud Claims and Cancelled Contracts for Deed

What is an Equitable Mortgage?

Merger Doctrine

Real Estate and Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy Preferences

Real Estate and Bankruptcy: Earmarking

Real Estate and Bankruptcy: Problems with Recordings

Real Estate and Bankruptcy: Automatic Stay

Real Estate and Bankruptcy: Proofs of Claim

Commercial Lease Basics

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Triple Net vs. Gross Lease

Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreements (SNDAs)

Ground Leases

Revocable Trusts and Farm Property

Planning for Incapacity

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRTs)

Investing in Real Estate Through Your IRA

“Checkbook Control” LLC and Self-Directed IRAs

Self-Directed IRAs and Prohibited Transactions

Section 1031 Exchanges

Snowmobiling and Property Rights

Arbitration Agreements in Purchase Agreements, Part One

Arbitration Agreements in Purchase Agreements, Part Two

Real Estate Issues Involved with Marijuana Legalization

Mineral Rights Under Minnesota Law