Do Minnesota’s High Income Taxes Keep Its Pro Sports Teams From Winning? 3 And Out – 6.28.17

In the latest edition of the 3 And Out podcast, Bob Sansevere and I discuss a study suggesting that the reason that Minnesota’s four major professional sports teams struggle with winning due to the state’s high income tax rates.

Eric Hembre, an economics professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (spoiler alert: that means something) provides evidence to suggest that since the mid-1990s, a ten percentage point increase in income tax rates is associated with between a 1.2-3.0

We also revisit Michael Floyd’s Kombucha problem and the “Baylor brothel” which the NCAA is now investigating.

3 And Out is presented by The BS Show and is heard every Wednesday on the Tom Barnard Podcast Network. Past episodes are archived on the Sports and the Law page of Jeffrey O’Brien Today.

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