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What Do Social Media, Self-Directed IRAs and Beer Have in Common?

Give up?  I wrote about all of these topics in the last two months. As a business attorney, year-end is always hectic for me as I try to help clients get deals done before December 31.  This year, with all

Is It Possible to Create a Synthetic REIT with an LLC Funded by Self-Directed IRAs?

In previous posts I’ve advocated the use of limited liability companies (LLCs) as holding companies for real estate investors.  I’ve also discussed and explained how self-directed IRA funds can be used to acquire investment real estate. Recently on these pages, I wrote

Real Estate Investing With Self-Directed IRAs

The current real estate market presents significant opportunities for entry into the world of real estate investment.  With prices lower than in years past, smaller investors are able to build a portfolio of residential rental properties with far less capital

Ten Common Mistakes Self-Directed IRA Investors Make

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and real estate investors who are utilizing self-directed IRAs as a financing mechanism.  Contrary to what some professional advisors believe, self-directed IRAs are legal under the Internal Revenue Code.  That does not mean,