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On Tuesday night, the Minnesota Senate Civil Law and Data Practices Committee took up SF 359. SF 359, authored by Senator Andrew Mathews, is a parallel bill to HF 556, introduced by Rep. Shane Mekeland, which is the 2021 version …

Inverse Condemnation Expansion Bill Passes 1st Hurdle in Minnesota Senate Read More »

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On Wednesday, May 13, I joined my good friend Rep. Shane Mekeland on Justice & Drew to talk about Rep. Mekeland’s recently introduced bill, HF 4651, which would expand Minnesota’s eminent domain laws to allow business owners to sue the …

Should Minnesota’s Eminent Domain Laws be Amended to Provide Relief for Business Owners Forced to Close by the State? Justice & Drew, 5.13.20 Read More »

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  Monday morning I made an impromptu call into the Justice & Drew show to discuss the plight of my beleaguered client, Dean Bigaouettte, owner and proprietor of Hot Rod’s Bar in St. Paul.  The discussion arose out of a …

What Do You Do When the City Comes for Your Business? Justice & Drew, April 24, 2017 #TCNT Read More »

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