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On Monday’s edition of The BS Show, Bob and I discussed a hot topic these days; namely, whether the Canadian Freedom Convoy protesters should be granted asylum and allowed in to the U.S. as a result of Canadian Prime Minister …

The BS Show 2.21.22: Should the U.S. Allow the Canadian Freedom Convoy Protesters In, and Thoughts on the Kim Potter Sentencing Read More »

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We had several legal topics to discuss in my weekly segment for The BS Show with Bob Sansevere, including the latest developments in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse over in Wisconsin, President Biden’s directive to private companies to push on …

The BS Show 11.9.21: Legal Talk – Rittenhouse Trial, Biden Presses Forward on Vaccine Mandate, and Kim Potter Judge Stalked Read More »

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This week saw a flurry of politically-charged decisions coming out of Minnesota courts. I called in to Justice & Drew Thursday morning following a flash of the “bat signal” to discuss these cases which included (1) the Minnesota Supreme Court …

So Many Cases, So Little Time, Justice & Drew 9.16.21 Read More »

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