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I was back on the Friday Roundtable with Justice & Drew this past Friday morning, along with my Representative Extraordinaire Eric Lucero. In the 7 am hour we discussed the tragic school shooting earlier this past week in Texas and what to do …

Justice & Drew, May 27, 2022: Friday Roundtable and NewsQuiz Read More »

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We had much to discuss with Justice & Drew on this week’s Friday Roundtable. including the vaccine mandates recently imposed by the Mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul and Thursday’s rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court on the OSHA and …

Justice & Drew 1.14.22: Friday Roundtable and News Quiz Read More »

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Friday morning I once again joined my State Representative, “Representative Extraordinaire” Eric Lucero (R-Dayton), on Justice & Drew for the Friday Roundtable and the Friday News Quiz. In the 7 am hour we talked about the COVID vaccine, masks and …

ICYMI: Justice & Drew Friday Roundtable, 8.13.21 Read More »

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