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Real Estate Issues Involving Bankruptcy: Minnesota Home Talk Legal Minute

The information below originally appeared as part of the Minnesota Home Talk Legal Minute.   To hear an audio version, click here.   You can hear my Legal Minute segments during the show every Saturday on 1500 ESPN at 7 a.m. and

Minnesota Homeowners Can Now Remove Second Mortgages From Homes In Certain Circumstances

Six months ago I posted on this blog about Minnesota bankruptcy judges bucking a nationwide trend by not allowing debtors to remove second mortgages from their homes in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Thankfully, we now have controlling precedent from the Eighth

Minnesota Court Prevents Stripping Off Second Mortgage in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Minnesota has long had a history of marching to the beat of its own drummer.  For example, in politics, Minnesota was the only state in the U.S. in 1984 to vote for Walter Mondale for President over Ronald Reagan (granted,

Asset Protection and Limited Liability Companies, Revisited

A few months back, my partner and I collaborated on an article regarding the asset protection benefits of limited liability companies.  In that article, we discussed a significant difference for creditors’ remedies in pursuing a debtor’s equity interests in business entities, particularly