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U.S. Supreme Court Decision Has Implications for the Craft Beverage Industry, Minnesota Beercast 6.23.17

  It is the rare unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision that attracts any attention, but when the case has implications for sports and beer…. Last Wednesday on 3 And Out we talked about the Matal v. Tam decision – which

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3 And Out 6.21.17: SCOTUS Opinion Helps Washington Redskins, Michael Floyd and Rick Pitino Suspension

      In the latest edition of the 3 And Out podcast, Bob Sansevere and I dig into the recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion of Matal v. Tam invalidating the disparagement clause of the Lanham Act on First Amendment

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ICYMI: The Jeronimo Yanez Verdict – Justice & Drew 6.19.2017 #TCNT

Monday morning I called into to talk with Justice & Drew about the jury’s verdict on June 16 in the Jeronimo Yanez case.  In case you missed it live, click here to listen to our discussion. For those readers not

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ICYMI: Minnesota House & Senate vs. Governor Mark Dayton – Justice & Drew 6.14.17 #TCNT

  Yesterday morning I called into to talk with Justice & Drew about the lawsuit brought by the Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate against Governor Mark Dayton over his defunding of the Legislative Branch of Minnesota’s government.  In case you

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So You Want to Start Your Own Cidery?: Ten Key Legal Steps You Need to Take

  Introduction Minnesota’s cider industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Starting a cidery, however, can be a daunting task.  Besides purchasing equipment and supplies, owners also have to navigate the myriad of legal issues in this heavily regulated industry.  

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How Four Different Presidents Reflected on the Anniversary of D-Day

I am a Presidential history geek; OK, I’m a history geek in general.  So, to mark another anniversary of one of the seminal events in world history – the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 -“D-Day” – here are the

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ICYMI: Rebecca Otto v. Wright County, Possible Constitutional Crisis and Officer Yanez Trial – Justice & Drew 5.31.17 #TCNT

  Yesterday morning I called into to talk with Justice & Drew about a wide variety of hot legal topics, including State Auditor Rebecca Otto’s decision to file an appeal with the Minnesota Supreme Court in the wake of her

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When It Comes to Legal Matters, DIY = SOL

  One of my continuing frustrations as a business attorney is the availability of online forms and canned document services that purport to be able to provide the necessary structure and assistance to a small business owner. It is a

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Sidebar: My Thoughts on the Wright County Sheriff’s Office

Photo: Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and Deputy Enos Strate, Dukes of Hazzard When I re-launched this blog two years ago, I promised (or should I say, warned?) that I would sometimes veer from black letter legal commentary when I had

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What’s On Tap from the World of Brewery Law

There is never a dull moment in the brewing industry, and this past week was no exception.  Here are just a few recent stories and my take on them: Family-Owned State Beer Distributor Suing Summit Brewing:  A family-owned and operated

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