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Can Law Changes Help Avoid a Minnesota Craft Beer “Bubble”?

  Recently KARE 11 News ran a story speculating about whether a “bubble” exists in Minnesota’s craft beer industry, and if so, when will it burst?  Check out the video here, which features some nice commentary by my good friend,

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My Thoughts on the State of Sunday Sales in Minnesota

The effort to repeal Minnesota’s antiquated ban on Sunday liquor sales has come to an end for the 2015 legislative session with the House of Representatives’ vote 75-57 against an amendment that would have allowed municipalities to determine whether to

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Brewing Up Disputes: Beer Names and Trademarks

As the number of breweries grows in the United States, trademark issues have become an increasingly hot area of the law.  A recent article discussed some of the issues involved with the proliferation of beer names and the problems encountered when

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Gap Financing for Breweries – Special Guest Post by Annie Deckert, Decklan Group

    NOTE: Through the course of representing over two dozen breweries in Minnesota and beyond, I’ve learned a little about what it takes to start a brewery.  No matter where you look in researching your plans, you will come

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No Sunday Growler Sales, But…: A Look at New Minnesota Liquor Laws

  If you’re a Minnesotan, unless you’ve been in a coma the last few months, by now you know that the battle to repeal the state’s ban on Sunday liquor sales ended in defeat at the hands of special interests

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In Minnesota, a Winery Can Operate a Brewery, But a Brewery May Not Be Able to Operate a Winery; Wait, What?

  Waconia’s Schram Vineyards is in the news for becoming Minnesota’s first combination brewery & winery. The first reaction by some will be “wait a minute, I thought that in Minnesota you couldn’t operate both a winery and a brewery?!” My

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ICYMI: Minnesota Craft Beer and the Law, Saturdays With Siri, May 3, 2014

      Following up on my appearance on WCCO’s News and Views last weekend talking about the stalled Sunday liquor sales efforts at the Minnesota Legislature, I visited NewsTalk 1130 this past Saturday and talked with Siri Freeh about Minnesota

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Teamsters vs. Beer: the Push for Sunday Taproom and Growler Sales in Minnesota and What it Says About Minnesota’s Outdated and Nonsensical Liquor Laws

This past Sunday I made a brief appearance on WCCO’s News and Views program to discuss with my good friend, Roshini Rajkumar, the status of pending legislation that would allow Minnesota’s craft breweries to open their taprooms for Sunday pint sales

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Making Minnesota a Better Place, One Brewery Client at a Time

This week’s edition of Minnesota Lawyer features a nice article by Patrick Thornton regarding yours truly and Lommen Abdo’s brewery law practice.  If you go to the Minnesota Lawyer website you’ll find the article to be password protected so, for the

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Starting Up a Brewery: The Business Forum Show, January 15, 2014

Assisting new and existing breweries in their legal needs has become a large part of my law practice in the past five years.  A few years ago, in an effort to educate prospective brewery owners as to the legal issues

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