City of Minneapolis to Microbreweries: We’re Open For Business

On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council voted 11-2 in favor of an ordinance amendment which paved the way for a third microbrewery to open in Minneapolis.  The amendment removed a restriction that would have prevented Dangerous Man Brewing (a client of our firm) from opening across the street from St. Cyril’s Catholic Church due to the fact that the brewery would be selling growlers within three hundred feet of a religious institution.  With the amendment passed, Dangerous Man will be able to negotiate a lease for its dream location and proceed with the additional steps necessary to launch its business.

In an ironic twist, hours after the City Council’s action, Fulton Brewery held its grand opening at its new location near Target Field.  Fulton came to be as a result of an earlier ordinance change that allowed the sale of “growlers” within the City.  Mayor R.T. Rybak and other City Councilmembers joined in the celebration at Fulton.

Councilmember Gary Schiff deserves a great deal of kudos for his work on microbrewery issues.  Councilmember Schiff was the author of last year’s growler ordinance change and he crafted the new amendment as well.  In the City Council meeting Friday, Councilmember Schiff laid out his vision for the City of Minneapolis to compete with Portland, Oregon as the microbrewery capital of the United States.  It is a laudable goal, and it is also a goal that means jobs for local residents.

Too often small business owners see their dreams die because of regulatory red tape.  The City of Minneapolis and its leaders are to be commended for their quick action to remove unnecessary barriers to business and job creation within the City.


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