ICYMI: Making Sense of Recent Supreme Court Decisions, Justice & Drew


I did back-to-back interviews on Justice & Drew on Friday, June 28, and Monday, July 1, talking about the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions handed down last week.

First, on June 28, I talked with Jon and Drew about three cases: Mitchell v. Wisconsin, where the Court found warrantless blood draws of DUI suspects to be constitutional, and major cases involving gerrymandering during redistricting, and whether the U.S. Department of Commerce could ask takers of the 2020 Census to identify their citizenship.  You can listen to that discussion here.

Then on July 1, I was invited back on the show to talk further with “Guest Hosts Extraordinaire” Brian McDaniel and Max Rymer about these decisions and the overall “non-political” tendencies of this Court.  You can listen to that discussion here.

To listen to archived segments from my interviews with Justice & Drew, please click here.


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