ICYMI: Minnesota Craft Beer and the Law, Saturdays With Siri, May 3, 2014




Following up on my appearance on WCCO’s News and Views last weekend talking about the stalled Sunday liquor sales efforts at the Minnesota Legislature, I visited NewsTalk 1130 this past Saturday and talked with Siri Freeh about Minnesota craft beer, the history behind what many regard as some of the most ridiculous anti-competitive laws in the country and what craft beer fans can do to urge their elected officials to bring some common sense to this state’s liquor laws. If you missed it, click here and enjoy!

Meanwhile, the local Teamsters have taken it up a notch, praising Miller Lite as “good union-made beer” and dissing Minnesota craft breweries on its Twitter account, which begs the question:  is the Teamsters’ opposition to Sunday taproom and growler sales REALLY about a distribution contract (which they still haven’t provided) being open to renegotiation, or is this simply a thinly veiled attempt to organize employees of Minnesota’s burgeoning craft beer industry?