Introducing: Startup Steps

Two years ago when I launched this blog, and in my very first post, I said that I was going to focus on my thoughts on marketing and networking and leave the legal advice for my clients and other publications.

Over time, The Business Man’s Lawyer has evolved into exactly what I said it would not be; i.e., advice on various business and real estate law topics.  Looking back, I’m glad that I shifted the focus and concentrated on what I know best.

In recent months, this blog has further evolved as I launched the “Real Estate News” daily post containing the latest and greatest headlines from the real estate world.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’ve been trying to think of a way to bolster the business law side of the blog.

As I pondered what to do, I remembered the words from that very first post: 

“While I do all the things that other attorneys do (drafting agreements, negotiating deals, etc.), what distinguishes me from other lawyers is my passion for networking, and how I use my networking to help my clients’ businesses.  Not only have I built my law practice through my networking efforts, but I put my contacts in touch with each other and with my clients in an effort to help everyone grow their respective businesses.  It’s not altruism; in the end, I benefit with increased business when my connections prove successful.”

As I read those words again, two years later, it hit me as to how to bring back the business side of The Business Man’s Lawyer in a BIG way:  tap the network!

So, starting later this week, I’m going to begin a series of posts called “Startup Steps”.  These posts will be a soup-to-nuts survey of what it takes to launch a successful small business and, more importantly, how to keep it going and stay out of trouble.  To accomplish this, I have enlisted several guest bloggers who will share their insights on their particular niche of small business.  You will of course hear from me from time to time on the legal issues which I handle – business formation, securities, contract law, and the like, but Startup Steps” is going to go beyond my comfort zone and focus on other key advice as well, such as marketing, payroll, business plans, social media, bookkeeping and, of course, the power of networking.  I’ve even enlisted a few of my partners at Mansfield Tanick & Cohen to share their insights on issues such as employment and intellectual property law.

Not only will readers learn some key advice from experts of small business, but we’ll also introduce you to these key people that make up my “team of advisors.” 

I am extremely excited to be able to announce this project and I hope that you’ll enjoy reading from my guest bloggers as much as I know I will…and, of course, I hope you all learn a bit from them too!