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Acceptance of Part Payment of Rent: Real Estate Radio Hour Legal Minute, March 1, 2014

“Acceptance of less than the full amount of rent due from Tenant does not waive Owner’s right to evict Tenant for any past or existing violation of any term of this Lease.” The above-quoted language is perhaps one of the

Minnesota Court of Appeals Reins In City of Minneapolis

[NOTE:  this post originally appeared on The Vanilla Shell on January 25, 2011]Ask any landlord within the City of Minneapolis what it’s like to do business there and you’re likely to get at least one story about a fight with

Minnesota Court of Appeals: Landlord Has No Duty to Supplant a Negligent Parent

A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues sent me a funny email entitled “dopey warning signs.”  The gist of the story was how certain lawsuits led to seemingly obvious warning signs on products.  For example, an exercise bike from

New Laws for Minnesota Landlords

The residential landlord-tenant relationship in Minnesota is heavily regulated, and oftentimes in favor of tenants.  Still, this most recent legislative session resulted in an unusually large number of changes to Minnesota’s landlord-tenant statutes, many of which have important implications for

What is the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009, and Why Do Real Estate Investors Need to Care About It?

Many real estate investors in the current market are focusing on properties in foreclosure.  Many of these properties are rental properties which were lost by prior investor-owners when the interest rates on the adjustable rate mortgages which financed their investment

Top Five Silliest Real Estate Laws: No. 4: The Abandoned Property Provisions of Minnesota’s Landlord-Tenant Statutes

Continuing with our theme of real estate laws whose time has come…and gone…No. 4 on our list is the abandoned property provisions of Minnesota’s landlord-tenant statutes, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 504B. I work with a lot of real estate investors who