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“How about that! I looked something up! These books behind me don’t just make the office look good, they’re filled with useful legal tidbits just like that!” – Lionel Hutz, The Simpsons I have a few upcoming speaking gigs…and if …

Being the Lawyer Extraordinaire Isn’t All Hams and Plaques: Upcoming Presentations Read More »

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The Brewers Association, the trade organization for the U.S. craft brewing industry, recently announced a new marketing program in the wake of numerous acquisitions of traditional craft breweries by brewing giants such as AB InBev (parent corporation of Budweiser). This …

What’s the Deal with the New “Independent Craft Brewer” Seal? Read More »

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As the number of breweries grows in the United States, trademark issues have become an increasingly hot area of the law.  A recent article discussed some of the issues involved with the proliferation of beer names and the problems encountered when …

Brewing Up Disputes: Beer Names and Trademarks Read More »

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