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Legislature v. Dayton, Part VII – The Final Chapter (?), and Al Franken in Trouble, Justice & Drew, 11.17.17

  Friday morning I was in studio as part of the “Extended Roundtable” to talk with Justice & Drew about the Minnesota Supreme Court’s ruling – or failure to rule, depending upon your point of view, on the constitutionality of Governor Dayton

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Legislature v. Dayton, Episode VI: Justice & Drew 9.18.17 #TCNT

  Another Monday morning, another trip into the studio to talk with Justice & Drew about the latest legal wranglings between the Minnesota Legislature and Governor Mark Dayton regarding his line-item veto of the Legislature’s funding. Today we discussed the Friday filings by

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Minnesota Legislature v. Dayton, Part III: Justice & Drew 7.20.17 #TCNT

To conclude, the court holds that Governor Dayton improperly used his line-item veto authority to gain a repeal or modification of unrelated policy legislation by effectively eliminating a co-equal branch of government.  Therefore, under the unique and limited circumstances of this

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