The BS Show, 3.13.23: Remembering Bud Grant

The BS Show, 3.13.23:  Remembering Bud Grant

This past week was not a good one for Minnesota Vikings fans…and we should be used to having bad weeks by now, right?

First, the team announced it was releasing Detroit Lakes, Minnesota native Adam Thielen after a decade with the team that saw him make two Pro Bowl appearances and become the third all-time receiver in franchise history (behind Hall of Famers Cris Carter and Randy Moss, who he group up cheering for).

Then, on Saturday, 56 years to the day that he was hired as the 2nd Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Bud Grant passed away at his home at the age of 95.

So, as could be expected, the topic of our discussion for Monday’s episode of The BS Show was remembering Bud Grant. You can listen to our discussion here.

As we discuss during the segment, I had the privilege of being around Coach Grant several times over the years, in the course of being at events with some of my clients who had played for him. The stories were legendary and several. How he didn’t allow heaters on the Vikings’ sideline at Metropolitan Stadium. How he didn’t deviate from the team’s pregame meal of steak and eggs, baked potato, green beans and toast (and how that begat the legendary “pancakes” story involving my good friend and client, Carl Eller). How he went to a rookie QB named Tommy Kramer on December 4, 1977, with his team down 24-7, and said “rookie, you’re in” (they won, 28-27). How he handled an early morning visit from Joe Kapp and Lonnie Warwick, both sporting sunglasses to hide the shiners they gave each other at a tequila-fueled brawl at a team party the night before. How he led the current Vikings team on the field during a playoff game at TCF Bank Stadium in -25 degree temperatures in a short sleeve polo shirt at age 88. And on and on.

Bud’s passing marks the end of an era, but, as my good friend and client, Chuck Foreman, said in an interview this past weekend, his presence will always be felt in US Bank Stadium on gameday.

Rest in Peace, Coach Grant, and SKOL!

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