What Happens if Keith Ellison Exits the Attorney General Race, Justice & Drew 8.20.18

Monday Morning I once again donned my “Lawyer Extraordinaire” persona as I was in studio with Justice & Drew to discuss the legal standards which govern the replacement of a candidate on a general election ballot in the wake of the continuing controversy surrounding the DFL nominee for Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison.  We also discussed what happened in 1990 in a similar situation involving the Republican nominee for Minnesota Governor.  You can listen to our discussion here.  If you would like to review the statute which we discussed during the interview, you can do so here.  For those of you interested in reading more about the historic 1990 election which saw the Republicans nominate nor former Governor Arne Carlson as the replacement candidate for Governor shortly before the general election, check out the book “There is No November“, written by the campaign managers of the Jon Grunseth for Governor campaign.

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