Legislature v. Dayton, Part VII – The Final Chapter (?), and Al Franken in Trouble, Justice & Drew, 11.17.17


Friday morning I was in studio as part of the “Extended Roundtable” to talk with Justice & Drew about the Minnesota Supreme Court’s ruling – or failure to rule, depending upon your point of view, on the constitutionality of Governor Dayton using the line item veto to zero out funding for the Minnesota Legislature.  You can listen to our discussion here.   You can read the Court’s opinion, and Justice Barry Anderson’s dissent, here.

As the Legislature v. Dayton draws to a close, for now (who knows what happens if and when the Legislature does run out of funding), please be sure to check back on our earlier discussions about this case from the September 18,  September 11August 28, July 20, June 14 and June 27 shows.  I have included links to the various court orders and opinions in this case in the prior posts.

Interestingly enough, the Minnesota Supreme Court’s failure to opine on the underlying question of whether the Governor can use the line item veto to zero out funding for a co-equal branch of government was not the biggest political news of the day in Minnesota.  No, that distinction belonged to Senator Al Franken, who now stands accused of sexual misconduct while on a 2006 USO tour.

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