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ICYMI: The Jeronimo Yanez Verdict – Justice & Drew 6.19.2017 #TCNT

Monday morning I called into to talk with Justice & Drew about the jury’s verdict on June 16 in the Jeronimo Yanez case.  In case you missed it live, click here to listen to our discussion. For those readers not

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What You Need to Know About 2013 Minnesota Estate and Gift Tax Changes

Much has been made of the 2013 Minnesota Legislature’s Omnibus Tax Bill and its increased income taxes for higher income taxpayers as well as an expanded sales tax for some business to business services.   Lost in the shadow of these

Minnesota’s Constitutional Lien

Awhile back I wrote about a “Plan B” for mechanics lien claimants who have defective mechanics lien claims.  In that post, I referred to an unjust enrichment claim as “Plan B”. Truth be told, “Plan B” for a defective mechanics

Minnesota Court of Appeals Deals With its First Social Media Case: Tatro v. University of Minnesota

In a recent decision, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has added to the growing body of case law regarding social media, and Facebook in particular.  The case, Tatro v. University of Minnesota, has implications not only for students of public

Post #250: The Best of The Business Man’s Lawyer…So Far

  To commemorate my 250th blog post here on The Business Man’s Lawyer, I’ve decided to take a look back and repost the “best of the best so far”; here are the top 10 posts from May 2009 through July

Minnesota’s Torrens System: Clarity or Confusion?

Minnesota’s Torrens system of land registration can be a confusing one for those not familiar with it.  This system, enacted in 1901 and based upon a 19th century Australian system of registering ships established by Sir Robert Torrens, requires interests

Take the Truck, Leave the House: How External Factors Influence Legal Decisions

When I’m consulting with potential clients on possible lawsuits, I often hear them say that “this case is a slam dunk.”  When I hear this, I feel that it is my job, as someone with experience in handling legal disputes,

Lawyer With a Heart

Nothing is funnier to me than a good lawyer joke; the problem is that not than many of them are funny.  This one, however, which came from a client (which should probably concern me, but oh well), is one of

Enough is Enough

Last week I was on the phone with an attorney who represents one of the big lenders in town.  I was calling him to check on the status of a settlement in a small matter involving his big lender client

I Can’t GIVE No Satisfaction (with Apologies to the Rolling Stones)

A byproduct of the current real estate market is the need for lenders and other creditors to distinguish between a lien release and a lien satisfaction. Whether the lien at issue is a mortgage lien, a mechanics lien, a judgment