Boundary Line Issues and Neighbor Disputes – Red Hot Real Estate Show, November 10, 2013

It was a show five years in the making. 

Anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning, or my earliest Facebook posts, will recall the saga of “My Favorite Neighbor”, the seemingly neverending array of stories related to the Hatfield vs. McCoys feud between me and my next door neighbor.  For those newer readers, click here for the backstory.

On Sunday, November 10, I appeared live on The Red Hot Real Estate Show to talk about boundary line issues and neighbor issues.  Ever since Mimi Schoneman began hosting the show, I’ve promised to discuss my story at some point and time. 

Sunday was that time.

Thanks to some excellent listener questions, we had a very interesting and wide-ranging discussion covering adverse possession, boundary by practical location and fence issues, variances for improvements located within the setbacks, and encroachment agreements.

Click here to listen.

Archived segments are available by visiting the Red Hot Real Estate Show page of my website, and be sure to tune in live (or listen to a podcast recording of the show) here.