How Samuel Adams Gives Craft Breweries a Hand

Recently, Samuel Adams (which operates under the legal name “Boston Beer Company”) began airing a television ad that claims credit for igniting America’s craft beer industry with the introduction of its Boston Lager in 1984 and suggests that it has continued to promote the industry through today.

These are not just words.  Samuel Adams partnered with ACCION USA in 2008 to establish the “Brewing the American Dream” program, which includes business loans of $500- $25,000, seminars and coaching.  For more information on the program, you can visit Samuel Adams’ website.  Both existing breweries and start-up ventures are eligible for a loan, and ACCION’s website sets out the basic eligibility requirements for each.

I know from my work with startup breweries that they are no different than any other startup businesses these days in their struggles to find funding.  The Brewing the American Dream program is an excellent means to foster the growth of the craft beer industry in America and create jobs in the process.  Samuel Adams and its founder, Jim Koch, should be commended for their efforts in this regard.