Legal Issues Involving Self-Directed IRAs

Over the past several years I’ve worked with several real estate investors who have opted to create self-directed IRA accounts for purposes of investing in real estate.  In learning about this concept I found that there were very few resources that discussed the do’s and don’ts of IRA real estate investing from a legal perspective.  In an effort to educate others as to the topic, I took the dearth of educational resources as an opportunity and started writing about self-directed IRA real estate investments myself.

My most recent writings on the topic can be found in this month’s “Ask Upsize.”  I’ve also authored a chapter entitled “Alternative Investments Using Self-Directed Retirement Funds” for an eBook which is available for purchase via Amazon

My earliest writings on the subject of self-directed IRAs and real estate investments were on this blog, including the following:

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Ten Common Mistakes Self-Directed IRA Investors Make (April 21, 2010)

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