Making Minnesota a Better Place, One Brewery Client at a Time

This week’s edition of Minnesota Lawyer features a nice article by Patrick Thornton regarding yours truly and Lommen Abdo’s brewery law practice.  If you go to the Minnesota Lawyer website you’ll find the article to be password protected so, for the benefit of all the beer people who don’t necessarily want to subscribe and have access to 12 months of news about recent legal comings and goings, verdicts, settlements and judgments, etc., etc., click here to read the article, entitled “Tapping Into a Growing Client Base.”

Great thanks to my good friend and client, Rob Miller, founder, owner and head brewer at Dangerous Man Brewing Company in Minneapolis.  Rob graciously agreed to take time out on a Friday to be interviewed and have some photos taken at his taproom.  Without my outstanding brewery clients, I would not be able to carve out this interest niche practice area.

A tip of the hat also to my friend, Andy Schmitt, President of Minnesota Beer Activists (also a client).  It was Andy who started re-posting my blog posts a few years back while the taproom legislation – aka the “Surly Bill” – was winding its way through committees.  It is Andy’s quote from the Minnesota Lawyer article that serves as the title for this post.

Although not mentioned, my good friend Jason Sandquist, commercial real estate broker with Loop Commercial Advisors, is owed a thank you as well.  If a brewery comes to Jason first without an attorney, he connects them with me.  If they come to me first and don’t have a plan for finding a location, I send them over to Mr. Sandquist.   In the end, we each end up with a great client and a new hangout spot.

“Brewery law” encompasses many different aspects of the law – as outlined in my widely read article from The Growler referenced in the Minnesota Lawyer – and nothing is more fulfilling than visiting a client’s taproom for the first time.