Managing Your Online Reputation: New Tools, Old Rules

Beginning last spring, I’ve been writing on social media issues for CIC Midwest News, the quarterly resource journal of CIC Midwest, an affiliate of the Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA).   For this most recent issue they asked me to come up with a name for my column; since I’m called the “Social Media Lawyer” by so many folks, I figured I’d might as well work on building the brand that’s already been started for me.

The most recent column is entitled “Managing Your Online Reputation:  New Tools, Old Rules”, and it focuses on handling issues such as trademark infringement and defamation in the new social media world. 

As to the prior articles, here’s a quick index of them:

Marketing Your CIC Management Company Through Social Media (Spring 2010)

Developing an Effective Communications Program for Your Community in the Digital Age (Summer 2010)

Let Social Media Transform Your Worklife (Winter 2011)

Also, for a good discussion of the legal issues surrounding social media, click here for the archived audio of my appearance on The Advisors with Jennifer Kane and host Pamela Muldoon.

I’m always looking for new ideas for my column and am open to suggestions; feel free to email me at if you have a social media topic you’d like to hear more about from “The Social Media Lawyer”.