Must Read New Book by Fran Tarkenton

My favorite NFL player of all-time is former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton.  I never saw Fran play live, but as a kid watching video highlights of “old #10” scrambling out of the reach of defenders and making something out of nothing was exciting and inspiring all at the same time.  In fact, just a few years ago I purchased the third Fran Tarkenton jersey of my lifetime (I outgrew #1 and wore out #2).

About ten years ago I had the good fortune to meet Fran at an autograph signing in Minneapolis.  More recently, however, I have had the opportunity to get to know Fran Tarkenton the entrepreneur, as the American Association of Microbusinesses (on whose Board of Directors I serve) is finalizing a deal with one of Fran’s companies to market some great small business software products.  More on that to come later.

When Fran Tarkenton retired from the Vikings in 1979, he held every meaningful NFL passing record, and he was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986.  What Fran has done off the football field, however, in the years since his retirement is equally, if not more impressive.  Fran has launched fifteen companies in the last thirty years, everything from computer software to insurance and everything in between.  Just like his playing days, there have been good experiences and not so good experiences, and all were learning experiences.  Each time I talk with Fran, I learn a little bit more about what makes him tick and I’m fascinated by what I learn.

That’s why I’m so excited about Fran’s new autobiography, Every Day is Game Day, which looks back at both his Hall of Fame playing career and his highly successful post-football business career. 

Whether you’re a football fan or an entrepreneur, make sure that you have Every Day is Game Day, by Fran Tarkenton, on your reading list. 

For more information on the book, go to Fran’s blog by clicking here.