Real Estate News – April 3, 2011

Las Vegas judge blocks foreclosure by HOA collection agency (via

California State Bar Seeks to Yank License of Anti-Foreclosure Attorney (via

The former chief executive officer of bankrupt Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp pleaded guilty on Friday to his role in a $1.5 billion fraud scheme that contributed to the company’s collapse (via

A teenager whose mother faced losing their home saved his family’s house just in time by winning £250,000 on a lottery scratchcard (via

Angry and exasperated by faulty foreclosure documents, judges throughout Florida are hitting back by increasingly dismissing cases and boldly accusing lawyers of “fraud upon the court” (via

The Senate will soon issue findings of a probe of the US mortgage meltdown that fueled the global financial crisis, with Goldman Sachs likely to face fresh embarrassment over its role, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday (via AFP):