Real Estate News – December 13, 2012

Home seizures in the U.S. rose 5.4 percent last month, the first annual gain in two years, as lenders seek to manage the flow of distressed properties without disrupting the housing recovery (via

Investors fuel U.S. housing recovery (via

A Washington state homeowners’ association says it asked a resident to remove a large Jesus sign from his yard because it violates property rules — not because of its religious message (via

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a new law earlier this week that would speed up the foreclosure of vacant and abandoned homes, in an effort to reduce the foreclosure backlog that is crippling the state’s housing recovery (via

A Wellington, Colorado family is back with their holiday lights after their homeowners association backed down from attempts to limit holiday lawn displays to three decorations (

Can Real Estate Professionals Beat The 3.8% Obamacare Tax ? (via

Homeowners and banks are accelerating sales of properties for less than the amount owed as a U.S. law that gives them a tax break expires at the end of the year (via