Real Estate News – May 21, 2011

Mortgage delinquencies rose during the first quarter, while new foreclosures dropped, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported this week (via REALTORMag):

California ruling means class craziness in Countrywide MBS case (via

Foreclosure flood may not have crested yet; More than 4 million seriously delinquent borrowers are at risk (via

Florida’s courts are out $6 million after state lawmakers chose not to extend a one-time stipend aimed at reducing a foreclosure backlog (via

The housing market continues to suffer – from plummeting sales to plunging prices. But guess what? Property taxes are not suffering (via

American Home Mortgage Servicing, one of the largest subprime mortgage servicers, is urging the U.S. Treasury to organize a plan to boost principal reductions for up to 1 million homeowners by unlocking loans from securities (via

Goldman Sachs executives expect federal prosecutors to demand to see internal documents, as the government ramps up its investigation into the way the firm handled mortgage products (via

Home buyers are willing to pay 4.2 percent more for a property with the word “country” in the name, and an additional 5.1 percent for the phrase “country club,” according to researchers from the University of Georgia (via REALTORMag):

A bankrupt Los Angeles real estate developer has been convicted of stealing some $21 million through a tax shelter scheme (via

More Republican lawmakers from the West’s oil shale country are pushing legislation to fast-track the resource’s development, in contrast to the Obama administration’s efforts to take things slower (via

Feds hit Las Vegas HOA with age discrimination complaint (via

Iowa attorney charged in alleged mortgage fraud (via

A homeowner breaks into her foreclosed home, to protest the bank after putting her out in Berkeley, California (via