Real Estate News – May 25, 2011

State attorneys general told five of the nation’s largest banks on Tuesday they face a potential liability of at least $17 billion in civil lawsuits if a settlement isn’t reached to address improper foreclosure practices, according to people familiar with the matter (via

Even the Grim Reaper can’t escape HOA or code enforcement (via

The attorney general for the state of Utah sent Bank of America Corp. (BAC) Chief Executive Brian Moynihan a letter last week warning him one the bank’s units was conducting illegal foreclosures in Utah (via

California Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris said Wednesday she had subpoenaed the behemoth foreclosure-processing firm Lender Processing Services as part of an ongoing probe into home repossession practices in the Golden State (via

Five sentenced in real estate scam that cost some their life savings (via