So Many Cases, So Little Time, Justice & Drew 9.16.21

So Many Cases, So Little Time, Justice & Drew 9.16.21

This week saw a flurry of politically-charged decisions coming out of Minnesota courts. I called in to Justice & Drew Thursday morning following a flash of the “bat signal” to discuss these cases which included (1) the Minnesota Supreme Court overturning former Minneapolis Police officer Mohammed Noor’s 3rd Degree Murder conviction, (2) the denial of a petition from a group seeking to have a court force Governor Walz to declare another peacetime emergency and mandate masks in schools, (3) an injunction issued against the enforcement of recently enacted law changes related to the use of deadly force by law enforcement, and the motion to dismiss filed by former Brooklyn Center Police officer Kim Potter relative to a 1st Degree Manslaughter charge added in the wake of those changes being enacted into law earlier this year; and (4) an injunction against inclusion of the revised Minneapolis charter amendment ballot language relative to the abolishment of the City’s police department.

You can listen to our discussion here. You can also read the actual orders in these cases via the below links:

State of Minnesota v. Mohamed Mohamed Noor

Don Samuels, et al v. City of Minneapolis, et al

Parents Advocating for Safe Schools v. State of Minnesota, et al

Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association v. Governor Timothy Walz, et al

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