What Do Social Media, Self-Directed IRAs and Beer Have in Common?

Give up?  I wrote about all of these topics in the last two months.

As a business attorney, year-end is always hectic for me as I try to help clients get deals done before December 31.  This year, with all the “fiscal cliff” issues, it’s even more hectic.  The frequency of my blog posts has suffered as a result, so this one’s going to get everyone caught up on what’s new on my website.

• My latest Social Media Lawyer column, addressing issues involved when an association-controlled community sets up a community Facebook group, is posted on the Social Media Lawyer page.

• My colleague, Greg Perleberg, and I finally got around to setting out in writing our “ten legal steps to starting a brewery”, and The Growler was kind enough to publish it.  You can read the article on The Growler’s website.

• Another niche practice of mine – assisting real estate investors in acquiring real estate through a self-directed IRA – is featured in a chapter I wrote for an eBook which is available for purchase and download through Amazon.  Entitled, “Alternative Investments Using Self-Directed Retirement Funds”, you can purchase it here.  I know I’m biased, but if you’re looking for the legal ins and outs of this type of investing, it’s well worth the $9.99.

• Be sure to check out my posts for the St. Michael-Albertville Patch.  I’m very proud and honored to be the legal blogger for my hometown Patch!

• Last, but certainly not least, Lommen Abdo’s involvement with The Business Forum Show kicked off on December 23 with an interview featuring me and my colleagues Bob Abdo and Greg Perleberg, talking about the various legal issues involved in starting and operating a business.  Be sure to check back on the show page within my site for future clips.

As for the Real Estate Radio Hour Legal Minute, you could say that I “emailed it in” for December 2012 as we ran a “best of” of sorts from the year. 

I think that’s everything; see why I’m used as an example for other lawyers when it comes to content marketing?

I’m looking forward to another year of blogging in 2013!