Minnesota Supreme Court Dismisses DFL Petition to Remove Donald Trump From Minnesota Ballot


On Friday August 9, the Minnesota DFL filed a petition with the Minnesota Supreme Court seeking to remove Donald Trump from the Minnesota general election ballot due to an alleged failure by the Republican Party of Minnesota to timely provide to the Minnesota Secretary of State a list of its alternate presidential electors.  The RPM responded by claiming that the DFL’s petition was frivolous and asserted that the petition should be dismissed on the grounds of laches; i.e., that the DFL unreasonably delayed in filing its claim.
I discussed the case ahead of the Court’s decision on the August 12 edition of Justice & Drew.  Late Monday, the Court dismissed the petition, citing the laches argument as the grounds to do so (in other words, the Court did not address the underlying merits of the claim).   I called back in to the show Tuesday morning to discuss the Court’s decision as part of the News Bag segment.

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