Thoughts on Minnesota Liquor Laws, Justice & Drew 3.19.21

Thoughts on Minnesota Liquor Laws, Justice & Drew 3.19.21

On Thursday morning, news broke that the crown jewel of Minnesota’s microdistillery industry, Tattersall Distilling (which happens to be my client) was expanding and opening a “destination distillery”…in River Falls, Wisconsin.

Why Wisconsin and not Minnesota? The answer, unfortunately, that Minnesota law does not allow Tattersall to build the type of business and operation that Wisconsin does. What’s worse, is our elected officials in both parties are so beholden to special interests that they refuse to make the needed changes to keep these businesses here.

Friday morning I joined Justice & Drew to discuss Tattersall’s announcement, the problems with Minnesota’s liquor laws, and the elected officials and special interests most responsible for maintaining the status quo. Yes, names were named. You can listen to the full discussion here.

As I said on social media yesterday and on the show this morning, I have other clients exploring the same option, and unless things change in St. Paul, Minnesota is going to lose more of its breweries and distilleries to its eastern neighbor.

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