Reflecting on One Year With Lommen Abdo

Today marks my one-year anniversary with Lommen Abdo.  Calling it a successful move would be an understatement; “game changer” is more like it.  The firm has been outstanding from a business development perspective, to say nothing of the outstanding mentoring and experience that I’ve been able to draw upon from attorneys more senior than I, and the collegiality of everyone at the firm.  From a practice perspective, the craft brewery niche that Greg Perleberg (who preceded me in joining Lommen Abdo) and I began cultivating several years ago melded nicely with Lommen Abdo’s existing stable of food, beverage and leisure businesses, so much so that the firm formed a practice group around them all.  Additionally, our burgeoning cadre of sports law clients benefited from the move to the preeminent sports and entertainment law firm in the upper Midwest; in fact, we even added another distinguished Minnesota Vikings alum – quarterback Joe Kapp – to the mix during Year One.  Further, our ability to assist a wide variety of startup ventures has been enhanced through Lommen’s strong securities law practice.

While I had transitioned from one firm to another previously, this was the first move I’ve made with my own stable of clients and referral sources in tow.  I am humbled by the fact that all of these folks (and then some) made the move with me.  One of the more peculiar effects of moving firms and the unique means required of lawyers to move their clients with them is that I’ve reconnected with clients whom I had not assisted in the last few years.  In fact, some of them were my best clients of 2012.

Not only did I maintain my existing clients, but, thanks to my efforts over the course of several years to establish a personal brand, I can boast of many new clients that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past year. 

And I’d be remiss in not mentioning our Vice President of Practice Management, Margie Bodas, who not only was persuaded to take me in just two weeks after Mr. Perleberg joined the firm, but also accepted the long train of marketing activities – the Real Estate Radio Hour and my Social Media Lawyer column, to name just a few – that follow me wherever I go.

There were some that believed – and publicly stated – that Mr. Perleberg’s and my move to Lommen Abdo would have minimal effect.  I sincerely want to thank those who made such statements for giving me “bulletin board material” in my first year to prove otherwise.

Here’s to many more successful years as a part of Lommen Abdo!