Save the Growler!

For craft beer fans, the term “growler” needs no explanation.  The “growler” is the lifeblood of most craft breweries here in Minnesota.  It is a 64 oz. container of beer that can be purchased from your favorite local brewery and it is the freshest beer one can buy (as opposed to bottles or cans found in the local liquor stores). 

What you may not know, even if you’re part of the growing legion of craft beer consumers in Minnesota, is that a brewery’s sale of growlers is governed by state statute and, once a brewery reaches a production level of 3,500 barrels per year, the sale of growlers is prohibited.

Surly Brewing lost its ability to sell growlers in 2009.  This year, as breweries such as Lift Bridge and Fulton near the tipping point and with Minnesota’s fondness for craft beer showing no signs of abatement, many of these breweries have joined forces as the Minnesota Brewing Association and are actively lobbying legislators to raise or eliminate the production cap that renders them unable to sell growlers. 

In the interest of full disclosure, my firm, Lommen Abdo, has become a member of the Association as many of our clients – including Lift Bridge – are affected by the current law.  For more information on the Association’s campaign to “Save the Growler”, you can visit

If you are a craft beer connoisseur and you want to ensure that your favorite brewery can grow its business without losing the right to sell you 64 ounces of your favorite suds, contact your state legislators and tell them to “Save the Growler”.  For information on who to contact, click here.